Electric Shock Anti-bark Vibra Pet Training Collar for Dogs PTC031

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Frequency: 433.825MHz

Powered by batteries--2*4LR44/6V, 2*AAA 1.5V.( Included )

Durable and adjustable nylon strap (Diameter from 16 cm to 30cm)

Color: Black

Package weight: 10.0 oz

How to use:

1.The Remote Trainer works by using the remote transmitter to communicate with your dog`s collar.

From up to 300 yards away, it can send a signal in the form of a static shock/ vibration/ beep/ light,

training her to correct her inappropriate behaviors.

2. Connect transmitter and receiver:

1) Turn on the transmitter by pressing any button on the transmitter

2) Press "1/2" button to choose channel for connection, choose channel 1 for the first receiver

3) Lift the rubber cover of the Reset part on the receiver. Press the Reset button inside of the

receiver with a pen or paper clip, and the green LED light will turn on

4) After a Beep came from the receiver, press the "Y" button on the transmitter within 10 seconds

5) The collar receiver will beep if successfully connected

6) Press "1/2"button to encode, choose to channel 2 for second collar by the same procedure

Important notice:

1. The transmitter will go into Standby Mode after 20 seconds if there is no operation and turn

off after 20 minutes

The receiver will go into Standby Mode if unused for 4 minutes. Any movement will activate the receiver.

2. "1/2" button to choose channel for connection. In channel 1, can only train the first receiver,

in channel 2 train the second receiver

3. In working mode, if you want to reconnect the receiver, simply use a pen or paper clip, press

the reset button, there is a beep sound that indicates that it`s ready to encode

4. The receiver is designed to be waterproof. The rubber cover has to be put in the right position


1. The lifetime of the batteries depends on how often you use the product. Therefore you should

often check the batteries by hear the beep from the Collar Receiver and watching the indicating on

the LCD screen of the transmitter

2. The valid distance of remote control means the straight-line distance between the transmitter

and the Collar Receiver without obstacle. If there is interference signal or signal screening around,

the actual remote control distance may be various.

3. This product is for pet training. Only by training, the pet can understand the intention of it power.

Good effect can only be achieved after a period of training

4. Training session should be kept positive and short, about 10-15minutes long each time.

5. Presently, this product is the most effective and the safest tool for pet training. Follow the

correct operational instructions, you can effectively train the pet and bring it no harm.

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